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Plumeria Frangipani growing Instructions

The Plumeria smells like no other plant in the world and each colour has its own unique fragrance. Some plumerias smell sweet, while other colours can smell like jasmine, peaches or citrus fruits. Plumeria can be grown anywhere in the world since it can either be a 4 metre tree if you live in the warmer climates, or it makes a fantastic potted plant in Western Europe. The Plumeria only grows to the size of the pot. Hardy to 12°C

To start the germination process, place the seeds in a moist, warm environment for 12 to 24 hours prior to sowing. An easy way to achieve this is to place the seeds between moistened paper towels in a 5cm deep glass baking dish, After this the thicker end of the seed should be noticeably swollen.

Choose a pot at least 8 - 10cm deep. Fill with pre-moistened potting compost, make a small hole and gently push seed 5mm vertically into medium, firm soil against side of the seed. The seeds wing should be sticking straight up and some of its wing will be allowed to protrude. Cover container with a domed lid or cling film creating a mini greenhouse and place in a warm place but also and receiving bright light but not full sun. DO NOT LET SOIL DRY OUT but do not over water

The seeds will take 7 to 30 days to germinate. Any signs of mold during the germination should be immediately treated with a fungicide.




Once the seedlings have developed their second set of true leaves they can be transplanted, begin feeding with a high nitrogen fertilizer and gradually move into stronger sunshine.

 It’s best to add a fertilizer to your dirt and potting soil when you begin planting. A fertilizer with a high Phosphorus content works best for Plumeria. Typically, you should fertilize the Plumeria every two weeks or more in the Spring and Summer months.

 Remember to water the area around the Plumeria after planting it in the ground, or if you choose to use a container, use one that has adequate drainage holes in the bottom to avoid over watering of the plant. Check the container at least once a week or sooner if the potting soil becomes dry. The Plumerias planted in the garden seem to do very well even when the weather becomes drier, but as with other outdoor plants, watering and other care such as weeding will tend to keep your plants thriving.

 Finally, once the Plumeria plant is growing and blooms are abundant, you may choose to make a cutting to further propagate the plant, and this preferably would be in the spring. You should see a bloom in the next growing season from the current cutting.

 Plumerias are an easy plant to grow with the proper care and attention, and the beautiful blooms they can produce will probably hasten your desire to cultivate even more Plumerias the next year!

 The Plumeria is one of the most low maintenance plants in the world. It is drought tolerant and can be grown in full sun or partial sun. 

If planting outdoors pick an area in your garden appropriate for planting and to accommodate adequately the growing Plumeria plant. If you find the Plumeria is not blooming move the plant into a place in the garden where there is more direct sunlight on the plant. If a potted palnt then move the plant pot to an area where it receives more sunlight.

 The characteristics, such as the color changing and dropping off of the leaves are typical of the Plumeria and other plants that become dormant in the winter months. To avoid the yellowing and dropping off of the leaves in the winter months, you can cut the leaves off about an inch away from the stem.


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